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Many people are moving to smaller properties as their living spaces become less than ideal for reasons of convenience, finances or lifestyle. Sometimes the scaling-down process can seem overwhelming, especially when possessions accumulated over a lifetime must be winnowed, the home sold, and a new living space established.

Perhaps you have a parent who can no longer live on their own, but will not be living with you. This brings unique emotional and logistical challenges that you may not have the time or resources to attend to. Simply Home will coordinate and manage the entire process with wisdom, empathy and kindness, connecting with your loved ones on a deeply personal level to help achieve your family’s goals.

Our expert team will compassionately and effectively:

  • Assist you in distributing furnishings and other belongings to other family members
  • Organize, sort and pack personal items
  • Allocate and disburse unwanted items for charity or disposal
  • Arrange sale or auction of valuable assets
  • Clean, de-clutter and stage the home for maximum effect when selling
  • Schedule movers and oversee the moving process
  • Unpack, organize and set up the new residence to turn-key
    condition: clean, comfortable, and inviting.

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