A More Organized 2018 – 11 Months and Counting

This is going to be your year to be more organized right? With the holidays officially a month behind us, now is the perfect time to seriously think about making this year your most organized and sane – whether you are downsizing, organizing, de-cluttering, or a combination of all of these. It’s time to regroup, refresh, renew, reinvent, rejig, re it all, and reach your 2018 organizational goals.

Here are 5 ways to strengthen and tone your organizing muscles this year:

1. Downsize & Minimize
Les stuff equals less stress right? We all agree that this can be the case, but actually moving from idea to implementation takes some effort. Now is the time to create your own system for managing your stuff – going through items in your closets, drawers, plastic bins will help get you there. How a few “rules” – for every new item that comes in, three go out and for every weekend in the month you’ll donate one full bag of items to charity. Having a clear number to work toward helps to keep us motivated. Be ruthless, be clear, and keep your goals in mind.

2. Sort & Label
Once you have less to work with, you can now group in according to function and then store it. No more searching and searching because you “know you have one somewhere”! All kitchen items should be in the kitchen, batteries all in one bag/box, all holiday ornaments in a bin (or 2!) in an accessible place, all bathroom items, you guessed it, in the bathroom. Spreading out = stressing out! If you like to look at pretty things, get yourself a label-maker too!

3.  Systematize & Store
Having easy access to the things you need in the places you use them most is a game changer. Thinking about how you use items, and where, should inform where you store them. Paying bills? Have your in try, envelopes and stamps al in one place (unless you do this online!). Baking a cake? Have all your bowls, mixers and dry god in one bin to make it easier. Keep things close by – saves time and stress! Making a map of where some of “used only sometimes” things are stored help too – every bit helps!

4. Clean & Clear
Now that you’ve begun to get organized and downsize, keeping things clean and neat should be easier. When we have too much clutter, cleaning is so much harder, so often we just don’t bother. When we are disorganized, we spend so much time picking things up, and not enough time enjoying them. Having a schedule of what gets cleaned when helps – laundry on night A, kitchen on B, bathrooms on C, etc. This way we can focus on doing the job well, as opposed to little bits here and there, which doesn’t always lead to a satisfactory result.

5.  Simplify & Savour
If your space is organized and clean, you feel better right? What about our physical bodies and mind If they feel “organized and clean” we would be less stressed right? It’s funny how we often talk about managing our stress, because isn’t it really about managing our calm? My guess is we’d all like to feel calmer, so let’s focus on that! And then enjoy it, taking time to slow den and savour your space, your sanity, and your time.
All of the above tips are intended to make organizing easier, which ultimately helps you feel calmer and less stressed. This process is ongoing, and one that will pay off for you, and those around you, this year.

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